“Even if Deliveroo as a company didn’t want to discriminate against these workers, it’s still indirect discrimination, says Valerio De Stefano, a professor in labour law at KU Leuven in Belgium who specialises in artificial intelligence and labour regulation.”

“A union representing thousands of English language students in Ireland has been formed. The aim is to fight for better living conditions and fundamental rights of foreign language students in Ireland.”

“The research, carried out by an English language teacher in Dublin, indicates some schools are offering credits rather than refunds and recommending students take their courses at a later date. ”

“A recent large-scale survey conducted by Fiachra Ó Luain, a language specialist and teacher, revealed that international students coming to Ireland frequently find it difficult to deal with the bureaucracy required by Irish immigration.”

“Excellent examples of righteous anger were seen by students for themselves for their friends, family and fellow students. Plans were proposed. Common ground was recognised. Questions shared and answered and patters of successful interpretation of situations, the law, and contracts were shared. A clear analysis became apparent.”

“The English Language Student Union (ELSU), is the brainchild of activists and teachers at Ireland English Language Student Solidarity (CIELS), a group set up to campaign for the rights of English learners in Ireland.”